Peaceful Protest

Why We Protest

It comes down to this: by retreating from that which we oppose, we render lifeless all opportunities for intimacy, and for community. To smile and step away is as fatal to possibility as is brandishing a finger of blame.”  Amy Irvine

_MG_2112smMunicipal councils in Hillsborough and Alma have expressed concern about unconventional oil and gas development in our area and enacted moratoriums, but most of our rural county has no local elected, accountable representatives. On this important issue, we must speak up for ourselves. We must protect ourselves from the environmental damage this industry can do to:

  •  water, soil and air quality
  •  existing livelihoods (farming, tourism, fishery)
  •  our roads
  •  our property values
  •  health of people, livestock and wildlife
  •  surface stability (sinkholes, fault lines, aquifer draining, earth tremors)

In other shale gas development regions, damage by the industry has brought great hardship to property owners.  When we gather at a protest site, we are exercising our human rights to peacefully assemble in protest of the gas and oil industry in our region, which threatens our health, well-being and quality of life.


The Goal of a Protest

_MG_2174smProtesting is an essential element of creating change when all other avenues have failed.  Peaceful Protest serves the purpose of raising public awareness of the issue, building momentum in the movement, getting press coverage, creating solidarity, and giving community members, who may be feeling powerless, a voice.

At all times, we promote peaceful, non-violent protest.  This is about speaking out, not destroying property. We adhere to our values. Violence or abuse is not acceptable in ANY circumstance.  The following documentation is essential reading for anyone wishing to assert their citizen right’s.

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