What Can I Do?

The best course of action is to use your voice. You have a right to speak up and protect what is important to you.

wepac_walkFirst, educate yourself. Take the time to read through some of the fracking links provided on this website, as well as on http://nbfrackingresearch.com/. Email WEPAC if you have questions,  want clarification or just want to talk about it with someone.

Call your MLA. Tell him what you value about this region and that you do not support this industry in our community. If everyone who feels strongly about this issue called their MLA, our government would QUICKLY get the message. Better still, make an appointment. Meet with him face to face. Our government has been ignoring the voice of the people.

Write letters. (If Quinn can do it, so can you!) Express your views in letters (or drawings!) to your government officials, letters to the editor, submit respectful comments to online news reports.

Talk to your neighbours. Many people are unaware of the dangers with this industry and do not know where to get information. You may be against fracking, but if your neighbour leases their land to an oil and gas company, there is nothing you can do about it. Some landowners in Penobsquis have wisely enlisted out-of-province lawyers with experience in the mining industry to help them negotiate lease contracts. Do your part in encouraging people to educate themselves.

Share this website. Send the link to those who want more information; share it on Facebook.

Join the Ban Fracking or WEPAC Facebook sites. Keep up to date on breaking news reports, take part in protest marches (every body matters).

Sign a Petition. It’s easy…this one is on the Council of Canadians website.

Support the Shale Gas Legal Action. The N.B. Water First group in Rothesay has engaged legal counsel and is raising money for an injunction against the New Brunswick Government to stop shale gas for all New Brunswickers.

Support WEPAC events. We will continue to hold presentations and public sessions in an attempt to share information and educate members of the community and will advertise those events here on the website. Invite your friends and neighbours to come with you.  Check the website often for updates or sign up for email news alerts (in the sidebar).

We are in this together. And TOGETHER, we make a difference.