NB Anti-Shale Gas Alliance files ‘Science Suit’ against the Province

At 9AM on June 23rd, the New Brunswick Anti-Shale Gas Alliance filed a lawsuit against the Province of New Brunswick to stop shale gas development in our province. The NBASGA said they have been referring to their case as “The Science Suit” and say they will be asking the court to make a decision based on science.

Photo: Jessica Doria-Brown-CBC

(Photo: Jessica Doria-Brown-CBC) L to R: NBASGA lawyer, Larry Kowalchuk; spokesman, Jim Emberger; chairman, Roy Ries

NBASGA’s lawsuit says the development of unconventional shale gas and oil deposits poses so great a threat to human health and the environment that it violates Section 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guaranteeing all persons in Canada the right to life and security of their person. That right to security of the person entails the right of Canadians to health and to clean drinking water.

“Our water, air and land are the sources of life on the planet. We will document that the unconventional oil and gas industry is also a threat to the very planet itself through its acceleration of climate change,” Ries said, calling the proceeding of the industry “madness.”

NBASGA’s lawyer, Larry Kowalchuk, notes there are a number of lawsuits related to shale gas in the United States, but he believes this lawsuit with its stance on the industry as well as climate change impacts, could be precedent-setting.

NBASGA Website and documentation:

Filing Suit:  http://www.noshalegasnb.ca/nbasga-takes-legal-action-to-stop-shale-gas/


Many groups within the Alliance have been working very hard to raise funds to proceed with this legal action. Through bake sales, yard sales, art sales, concerts, and bottle drives and personal donations, volunteers have raised $100,000 thus far…we know we will have to do more.

Some of you have already contributed individually and through WEPAC fundraising events. If you want to be a part of this monumental and historical project of struggle between people and powerful industry, you can donate online here: http://www.noshalegasnb.ca/our-strategies/legal-action/

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