Victory for the People!

Wonderful news! (And a cheer rose up from the crowd….)

Today – 18 December 2014 – the New Brunswick government introduced legislation for a complete blanket moratorium on hydraulic fracturing.

WEPAC thanks Premier Brian Gallant for remaining true to his word, and for listening to the voices of the people of New Brunswick…and for reviving our faith in democracy.

_MG_3417-thankyouWe are now hopeful for a better tomorrow…for a better and cleaner vision for our province, one that respects the rights of communities, that safeguards our water, land, air and our health.

We recognize that this decision was not made lightly, and was made despite tremendous pressure from the pro-industry lobby. Perhaps now, we can begin a new conversation – a respectful one – that works towards a thriving clean energy economy grown from within.

This has happened because good people have raised their voices.  This has happened because people who care did not sit by the sidelines and complain, but stood up and did something about it.  Well done, my good and faithful friends. Breathe deep and celebrate well. Through hard work and dedication, we have shifted the tide.

May this monumental victory of the people fuel our optimism, our hope, and our desire to work even harder to be the change we want to see in this world that has entrusted to our care.