When will we start holding our politicians accountable for their words?  September 2014?

This video clip from the New Brunswick Legislature, April 2010…5 months before David Alward was elected premier of NB; and Bruce Northrup was appointed Minister Natural Resources.

As opposition leader, David Alward wants assurances from Natural Resources Minister Wally Stiles that New Brunswickers’ drinking water will be protected in the hunt for natural gas. During this made-for-tv comedy show, the PCs want to know what the Liberals will do if water contamination takes place – cause, you know….it has elsewhere.

The Liberals repeat over and over again:  We have an EIA. We have rules. Companies will follow them. (sound familiar?) They say if you hear something 7 times, you will remember it. Apparently, the PCs learned the response well.

5:15:  David Alward (PC): “You can have all the regulations in the world, but if the companies are not doing what they are supposed to do, it’s not going to help anybody.”

5:43:  Wally Stiles (LIB): “Southwest Energy has a very good track record, an environmentally friendly company. They have public meetings. They deal with regulations on a professional basis.”

6:45: Bruce Northrup (PC): “…tell that to the people of Penobsquis who went for 5 yrs without water….As far as this side of the house, Mr. Speaker, we will stick up for the people of New Brunswick….we’re here for the people of New Brunswick. All 55 of us should be here for the people of New Brunswick.”

Really? Wouldn’t that be nice?