2014 Report on the Environmental Impacts of Shale Gas

CoCacademiesreportcoverLast week the Canadian Council of Academies finally released their long-awaited report that confirms and validates all the concerns expressed by those opposing hydraulic fracturing.

We hope this puts to rest accusations of fear-mongering and misinformation.  We still believe there are far too many risks associated with this industry and so far, no one has produced any documentation that proves the economic benefits and jobs will be worth that risk.

And the big question remains…are the people of New Brunswick really willing to be studied so our lives and communities can actually measure the health and environmental risks of an industry that is proven dangerous?


CBC: Stall shale gas industry, top public health officer says. During an Info Morning radio interview on May 6 (link on the same page), Cleary said she feels the report “reflects industry in a pretty negative light, even moreso than I was expecting.” The reports shows that the industry is, in fact, relatively new and has been proceeding with very little monitoring.

CBC radio interview with Jim Emberger, spokesman for the New Brunswick Anti-Shale Gas Alliance, on Information Morning (Moncton) on Monday, May 5, responding to the report.

Actual Council of Canadian Academies report (scroll down the page for full report, executive summary, and abridged versions):