Fracking: Who Benefits? Three Community Events

Most of us had never heard about fracking until the Province of NB leased 2.5 million acres for oil and gas exploration and development several years ago, much of it in SE NB. Lacking information on the risks involved, individuals/groups began their own research, which generated great public concern. It became an election issue in 2014, causing the PCs to lose the vote and the Liberals to join many other provinces, states, countries that had enacted a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing due environmental and public health/safety concerns.

They stated five conditions must be in place before lifting the moratorium:

  1. A social license (in essence, the citizenry’s informed decision on whether or not to proceed with an industry based on an evaluation of the risks and benefits);
  2. Clear and credible information about the impacts on health, environment and water;
  3. A plan that mitigates impacts on public infrastructure and addresses problems such as wastewater disposal;
  4. A process to respects the duty to consult with First Nations; and,
  5. A mechanism to ensure that benefits are maximized for New Brunswickers, including the development of a proper royalty structure.

Although none of these are yet evidenced, Premier Higgs, believing he has social license, says he’ll lift the moratorium for the Sussex area, McCully Field and the Frederick Brook Shale formation, which extends from Sussex, Penobsquis/Elgin, Turtle Creek, Rosevale and Albert Mines to Hillsborough, as well as parts of Memramcook, Taylor Village, Dover and Saint-Joseph. If communities want it.

The Frederick Brook Shale lies BENEATH OUR HOMES and beneath our COMMUNITIES.

Find out if you live near or in a lease zone or on/near the Frederick Brook formation.

Rather waiting for the government to provide us with the credible information needed to make a valued judgement on whether to industrialize their community or not, WEPAC has invited two consulting petroleum geologists who have spent their careers in the industry to give us insight into the fracking process. We’ll also explore the economics, impacts on our communities, effects on climate change, and ultimately what it means for you, as a resident.

Three Events:

  • HILLSBOROUGH: Monday, Mar. 25, 6:30-8:30pm, Hillsborough Legion, 31 Legion St. (Facebook Event Link)
  • ELGIN: Tuesday, Mar. 26, 6:30-8:30pm, Elgin Fire Hall, 2 Gowland Mtn Rd (Facebook Event Link)
  • SUSSEX: Wednesday, Mar. 27, 6:30-8:30pm – Sussex Public Library, 46 Magnolia Dr.* (Facebook Event Link)

*The Sussex event is part of a special speaker series and will have Jim Emberger only.  

Then you can decide if the potential spin-off from shale gas development will be worth the risk to your community, your health and your water.

We ARE community. We share the same air. We all need water.