Climate Change and the Human Prospect Film Screening

Special screening of Climate Change and the Human Prospect to be held on
Monday, September 10th, 7PM
Albert County Museum Community Hall
3940 Route 114, Hopewell Cape, NB

Here in Albert County, the places where we live, work and play are vulnerable to flooding and rising seas. Our food sources and forests are vulnerable to the shifts of a rapidly warming climate. Climate change is here now, and it’s shifting how we view the future.

This free 40-minute documentary (developed and distributed by the Centre for Local Prosperity) and the discussion period afterwards will begin to instill both hope and a broader sense of responsibility to take action and make changes in personal lifestyle or at the community level. Closely following a global day of climate action (Rise for Climate, Sept 8), it reaffirms the necessity of grassroots change. We cannot wait for the political leadership to guide us…we have to step up and act in the best interests of humanity and our environment.  Are you in?

 “The climate change issue, what we’re confronting, it’s impossible. It is beyond us. But then, on the other hand, throughout history the most interesting things have been in those moments in history when people decided to do the impossible and that’s what we need to do now. And that’s what we will do now.” – Climate Change and the Human Prospect: A Thinkers Retreat, Thinkers Lodge, Pugwash, Nova Scotia, Canada.


Recently, twenty-four global and regional Thinkers, armed with the conviction that local action is not only possible but the best path forward, gathered at the Thinkers Lodge in Pugwash, Nova Scotia to define a path to restore and revitalize local communities in the face of climate change.

With the belief that our shared duty, as one people, is to protect and repair our Earth, and without shying away from the hard reality of a changed and changing world, they identified and articulated Global Warming’s cascading impacts on small, rural, and coastal communities.

This film captures the thoughts, emotions, and ideas of this diverse group of scientists, economists, municipal councillors, planners, artists, community activists, First Nations and Eastern wisdom representatives, the Project Drawdown Director, and others as they engaged in a cross-pollination of thoughts, emotions, and ideas aimed at local solutions to the climate crisis.

The Thinkers’ mission was to move from ‘conversation’ to ‘doing’ by generating a roadmap of action plans, with drawdown potential, that will enable communities to manage life in a very different world.


This event is hosted by Water and Environmental Protection for Albert County ( and Chipoudy Communities Revitalization Committee ( )