Why we say ‘No’

The Citizen’s Guide to Shale Gas

This information package focuses on issues of importance to all New Brunswickers, whether or not they live in areas that may be leased for shale gas extraction. It explores topics that the government has not addressed and that industry would rather not discuss.

lightbulbThe debate on shale gas so far has been characterized in the media as one concerned with water contamination.  There is no doubt that water contamination is a serious and fundamental threat. We touch upon it in this collection of information and will explore it in detail in later publications.

While the water contamination issue has been acknowledged, numerous other threats to our health, economy, environment and infrastructure have not been part of the public discussion.

The evidence of those threats exists in independent scientific research, and the actual experiences from places where shale gas has already been developed.

This package contains a small sample of that evidence, with credible sources noted. It is organized as a collection of twelve individual topics, each one a separate two-sided sheet of paper. This was done to enable the reader to explore one topic at a time, and consider it without being overwhelmed with too much information at once.

We hope you will want to learn more about these issues.

We thank you for taking the time to consider this independent science – not funded by industry – and the impact that shale gas has had elsewhere.

Why we say ‘No’ to Shale Gas:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Heavy Municipal Burdens of Hosting Shale Gas
  3. NB Rules for Industry Inadequate for Protecting Municipal Water
  4. Shale Gas impacts Hospitals & Health Costs for all New Brunswick
  5. Health Effects and Costs from Air Pollution will be borne by NB Taxpayer
  6. The Boom-Bust Experience – a Harsh Lesson for Local Governments
  7. Production & Royalties from Shale Rapidly Decrease while Costs Increase
  8. Costs of Shale Gas Road Damage are Greater than Shale Gas Revenue
  9. Will a Temporary Shale Gas Industry Kill our Tourism Industry?
  10. Protecting and Enjoying the Land that Helps Define Our Identity
  11. The Sustainable Jobs are in a Clean Energy Economy
  12. Shale Gas Effect on Climate Change: Globally and in New Brunswick
  13. Can Municipalities Control Where, When or If It Happens?

Note:  The research, writing and compilation of the information in this package was done by members from groups in the NB Anti-Shale Gas Alliance, a coalition of nearly 30 groups from across the Province.

We would like to thank the “Conservation Council of New Brunswick” for its cooperation in this project, and the New Brunswick Division of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) for printing services.