About Fracking

Certainly, those living in areas targeted for the extraction of fossil fuels should be researching the impacts of hydraulic fracturing on their communities. But, there are also far-reaching impacts that will affect all taxpayers in our province.

As well, there are global implications of climate change while governments continue to push for more aggressive extraction of fossil fuels, drowning out the world’s scientists who say if we wish to avert catastrophic climate change, we must reduce GHG emissions and keep global warming below 1.5C. If we burn the known reserves of fossil fuels, the Earth would be destroyed several times over.

We need to be educated and aware.

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The following organizations have reviewed the multitude of studies and brought them all together in one document.  These are overviews of Scientific Studies: 


Online Documents and Studies:

On Economics, Corporate Power, Jobs and Community Impacts:

  • Corporate Mapping Project: The Corporate Mapping Project shines a bright light on the fossil fuel industry by investigating the ways corporate power is organized and exercised.
  • The Price of Oil series: An unprecedented national collaboration between National Observer, The Toronto Star, Global News, the Michener Awards Foundation, the Corporate Mapping Project and four journalism schools investigating the impacts of the oil and gas industry on Canadian communities.
  • How Shale Gas Extraction Affects Drilling Localities: Lessons for Regional and City Policy Makers – this Cornell University study, released in 2012, speaks to the reality of jobs and economies in shale gas development areas.
  • Drill Baby Drill – J. David Hughes, a geoscientist who has studied the energy resources of Canada for nearly four decades, including 32 years with the Geological Survey of Canada as a scientist and research manager researches the promises of the fossil fuel industry.

On Health:

On Water:


Activist/Environmentalist Dr. Susan Steingraber wrote a series of articles on shale gas for Orion Magazine:

  • The Fracking of Rachel Carson – Fifty years ago a book changed the way we think about nature—or did it? (Orion Magazine, Susan Steingraber)
  • Sand County, the Sequel  – In which the land ethic gets turned on its head.(Orion Magazine, Susan Steingraber)
  • When Cowboys Cry – The fossil fuel-based economy is breaking hearts all over the fracking place. (Orion Magazine, Susan Steingraber)
  • Fracking Democracy – In which you get 120 seconds to say why shale gas should be left in the ground. (Orion Magazine, Susan Steingraber)
  • The Whole Fracking Enchilada – The latest technique for extracting natural gas trumps every other environmental assault. (Orion Magazine, Susan Steingraber)
  • Shale Game – Four ways of looking at a natural gas deposit.(Orion Magazine, Susan Steingraber)