Our Village

The Village of Hillsborough has a population of about 1300 people.  We are in a prime agricultural and tourism area and are part of the Bay of Fundy Biosphere Reserve.

Our village water supply comes from two 200m wells and these wells lie within lands leased for oil and gas development. With our complex geology and past history of mining, we felt this was a scenario of deep concern.

In 2006, our village drilled 29 wells looking for a reliable, clean water supply. They drilled an additional 6 wells seeking a backup source. Today, village employees devote many hours to ensuring these wells remain viable.


Both wells are within 1.5 km of Contact Exploration’s Hopewell well pad B-55.

WEPAC has received endorsement from the Hillsborough Municipal Council to explore this issue on the village’s behalf. Since then, the village called for a moratorium to halt all work within 4km of village limits.

We have met with our MLA, the Minister of the Environment, and the CEO of the gas company that has leased our land. We’ve attended two public consultation sessions, information sessions, circulated petitions, sent letters, organized our own presentations, spoken to groups, attended protests and rallies, and joined a province-wide organization of concerned groups.

We will continue ‘Protecting What’s Important’.

Additional Information on oil and gas development in our area.

We can be contacted by emailing wepac.nb@gmail.com