Who is WEPAC?

Are you one of the 92% of New Brunswickers who believe that protecting our water is paramount?

Join us! Our slogan is ‘Protecting What’s Important‘. And what’s important is the health of our community, our water resources and our fresh, clean air.

We’re your neighbours, friends, colleagues, relatives.  Just like you, we’re homeowners, taxpayers, retired folk, professionals, entrepreneurs, employees, students, moms, dads, grandparents.

Successive Progressive Conservative governments have wanted to extract fossil fuels in Albert County. Although the former Liberal government enacted a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing from 2014-2018 due to public pressure, the new PC government wishes to lift the moratorium for the Frederick Brook Shale formation, which underlies the Sussex area, McCully Field, Penobsquis/Elgin, Turtle Creek, Rosevale and Albert Mines to Hillsborough, as well as parts of Memramcook, Taylor Village, Dover and Saint-Joseph.

Several oil and gas companies currently hold leases/licenses to explore for and extract oil and gas in our region: Corridor Resources, Pieridae Energy LNG, and Orlen Upstream Canada, a subsidiary of PKN Orlen.

We’ve educated ourselves and others on the impacts that hydraulic fracturing will have on our communities. We have talked to our neighbours living in Penobsquis, as well as people from developed areas in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan; we’ve met with government and industry, waded through mountains of information, sought credible peer-reviewed research in our attempts to to sift the good from the bad, the reliable from the fabricated.

As our research continued, we realized that our land, air, health and lifestyle are threatened by this industry.
And that our very climate was in danger.

We’ll do whatever it takes to protect our health, our water, our air, our community, our investments and our children’s futures.